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Katie’s thoughts- When the Sun Goes Down

Posted by KatieTurley On October - 16 - 2011

Hey all! It’s definitely been nice to have a bit of a vocal break but being a vocal major at school there isn’t too much resting!! Every Friday the vocal department meets and we have a “performance class” the students are scheduled to sing each week and today was my day! I sang a duet called “When the Sun Goes Down” from the musical “In the Heights.” It felt so good to perform this morning because I hadn’t in a little while. I realized this morning that singing with another person or group can sometimes be so much more impactful and emotional because you can feed off of each other’s energy. If I wasn’t in such a great group during the sing-off season I don’t think I could have made it. Of course there were some moments that Urban Method struggled and argued but as Troy pointed out in rehearsal one day “we are all on the same team at the end of the day” without their love and support it would have been very hard. Love you guys!


Here is a link to “When the Sun Goes Down”

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