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Oh, the Weather Outside is…

Posted by KimDawson On January - 2 - 2012


weather! Happy Friday, everyone! It’s Kim Dawson here with another vocal health tip. As I sit in my bed laid down with some little bug I must have gotten from one of my students, I am reminded of one thing.┬áThis time of year, there is an abundance of many things, namely, germs! They abound, and people get so worried with other things that they forget to take care of themselves. Don’t forget, folks! Wash your hands often, and make sure to stay hydrated! And most of all, bundle up! We like to think that we can handle all changes in the weather. Don’t be proud. Wear a hat to keep your body warm. And if it’s cold out, wear a coat that will keep you warm, not just a little jacket because you think it’s cute, or because you want to convince yourself that it’s not that bad out. Also, wear a scarf. Keep that throat protected from the elements! Be smart! Take care of your voice, and it will take care of you! Have a great day!



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