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Final Four

Posted by OzziTroiano On December - 4 - 2011

Man this is an exciting week. Tonight is the last prerecorded show before the finale. There are tons of cool things to look forward to! We got mashups and judge’s choice to sing tonight.

I am truly grateful for this once in a life time opportunity. It has been a pleasure getting to dedicate so much time to just SING. Getting to know the other groups the stay after elimination is a blast. Its amazing how singing can bring so many cool people together, that you wouldn’t have met otherwise.

After watching the show tonight, check out my new single.

Catch you on the flipside!!

Musical Hat Trick!

Posted by OzziTroiano On November - 14 - 2011

Wow. I never thought I’d get this done. I finally recorded my third single with KwikTrax, we’re on a roll.

Simple Things is the title, and it’s about appreciating your friends and realizing that it’s never to late to say I’m sorry to your friends. It’s a simple song, so we kept it simple musically with only one guitar and vocal line.

Regarding Urban Method, OMG!! I can’t believe we made it to the top 6, so sad to see my girlfriends of Delilah go.** :( ** I’m really excited for tonight’s episode with  R&B. We have some rockin’ outfits and even better arrangements. Man I love, singing and even better I have so much fun with Urban Method.




2nd demo Care Free

Posted by OzziTroiano On November - 8 - 2011

Today is a special day, not only because we made it pass being the
bottom two, but because I am finally releasing my second demo. Here it is, Care
Free! This one is a little accessible/poppy than Hold Your Ground, hope you enjoy.

This one was really fun to record, I’ve only ever written for guitar and covals. This time I borrowed a conga from the guys at Kwik Trax (my african drum is a more of a bass drum), and started laying down some rhythms.

On another note, I’m really excited for tonight’s episode. I think
it might be favorite night. Being in the bottom two really lit a fire under our
butts to put out something so creative, moving, inspiring…I could go on and
on. The lesson is watch tonight and get ready to be blown away, cuz we were!



Happy Halloween!

Posted by OzziTroiano On November - 1 - 2011

Sorry I have not been posting recently. I had a little nightmare of my own (fitting for this season I guess). My dad had a climbing accident and broke his knee. So I flew home to help out around the house. Fortunately, the injury did not prevent my family from holding their 32nd annual Halloween Party! (I’ll spare you the gruesome details).

I’m excited to be celebrating Halloween on TV! We lucked out because the 31st is Monday. If the show was going to air on a day that wasn’t the 31st we might not have been able to do a Halloween theme. I think I am more excited for the opening number than anything else. I love Halloween, and on top of that this will have been the first opening number that I actually enjoyed wholeheartedly.

No health tip for today. Just enjoy the candy and the seasonal beer.

-CHEERS! and Happy Halloweeen! (Bwahaha)

Health Tip #18

Posted by OzziTroiano On October - 20 - 2011

I almost passed out today towards the end of my work out. It is not just enough to drink a protein shake after working out. Health Tip #18: Water is not enough. Drink/Eat some protein and carbs before and during a work out. It is good for healing muscles and preventing fatigue.

#17 Hydrate

Posted by OzziTroiano On October - 19 - 2011

Today’s health tip #17 is hydrate. We all need to drink more water than we think. I drink until I’m full. Sometimes that may even mean 32-45 oz at once. In fact when I am hungry I check by drinkng water. If I’m not hungry after then it works, if I am hungry then I eat (kind of ties in with my portion control health tip).


Forces Collide

Posted by OzziTroiano On October - 17 - 2011

Today is the big day. I have been playing guitar since the second grade, and I started writing my own songs when I was 21. I am now 25 and have nothing to show for it. I finally got the ganas to “get her done”, to get on the microphone so I can record and release my music to the world. I think it was all of the non stop music in LA that broke my last straw of resistance. I’m so excited to be sharing this song with all of you, and hopefully we will make it into an Urban Method masterpiece.

Check out the song on my new Band Camp page,, please buy the track. With your help I won’t be a starving artist.

Shout out to my brothers Chris Carey and Brandon Griffin at KwikTrax for all their help.

Health Tip #16

Posted by OzziTroiano On October - 16 - 2011

Late night. Unusual, but super fun. Today I trained the new guy at work. Got my new bike back from the shop, with the new wheel set!!! Can’t wait for my 2 hour ride tomorrow. Health tip #16 = wear your helmet. Hung out with good friends tonight, had a drink and smoked some hookah. It was good to be catch up. Wait for it…releasing my first demo (expensive microphones and everything) on band camp on Monday!

I got my first car!

Posted by OzziTroiano On October - 13 - 2011

Hey!! Wanna know why i’m so excited? I just got my first car ever. I’ve been in Boulder so long I’ve gotten used to biking around town. But thanks to Liz, well Liz’s parents, I have a new car! It is the epitome of a beater: 178,000 miles, no airbags, yet everything works. I am so stoked! I haven’t named her yet but I have insurance and registration all cleared away. Any ideas for names?

Here’s a picture of my new ride! Check it out! My UMW (Urban Method Wagon).



Posted by OzziTroiano On October - 11 - 2011

Urban Method Kababs in LA

Yo yo.

Just wanted to give you guys an update. Finally we had a day off. We got to go to Santa Monica, and relax beach side. Hit up this amazing sushi place with Tony. This place was unbelievable, though a little pricey. I had the best seaweed salad of my life, and oh the live scallops were to die for. It was a nice break after working hard for two weeks.

I’m really looking forward to this next week. Because we made it to the top ten, we are back to one song. After a nice trip to the beach and a sushi dinner I’m ready and focused. We are all tired, and another thing to look forward to is our first vocal workshop with a professional vocal health coach!

Peace for now.