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A cappella Here A cappella There A cappella Everywhere!

Posted by TroyHorne On October - 24 - 2011

Troy Horne A cappella Bass Hey Urban Method folks today was a crazy day for a cappella! First I see that Urban Method has been mentioned on IMDB. That is the Internet Movie Database if you don’t know, now you know! (Biggie Smalls)  Take a look. They said that we KILLED the performance!! WHAT!!!! Take a look.

IMDB Article:

TV Replay It was Guilty Pleasures night on ‘The Sing-Off‘ (Mon., 8Pm Et on NBC) and Ben Folds certainly got into the spirit of the theme. While his professional work has …..(Click to Continue)

Then I was watching a Football Life – Walter Payton. AMAZING!! and then this commercial came on.


A cappella is everywhere! Isn’t that great! I hope you all can appreciate what is going on here! Our music a cappella music has made it to the main stream! That is amazing!! See you on Monday! Oh and if you have not told your friends to like Urban Method. Please do. We need as much support as we can get as we go through this Sing Off thing!


Thank You All!


Fro-Hawk Tip #3 Relax and Get A Great Microphone!

Posted by TroyHorne On October - 11 - 2011

Singing: It’s been a long time.   I shouldn’t of left you… With out a dope beat to step to…. step to step to…..step to…. to step to…. step to… step to…. ficky ficky…

So it really has been a long time and after a FIRE of an a cappella Sing-Off episode last night I had to say Congratulations to all of the groups that were able to advance.  We look forward to seeing all of you next week. Now to why we are here. Being a bass singer I am asked how do you get that great low end sound?  Well let me share a little bass knowledge with all of you low end singers.


The Best Microphone For Basses and Vocal Percussionists!

Step 1: Relax; believe it or not, working on your low end is just like working on your high end when it comes to singing. You have to learn to relax and not push the lower you go.  At first you will not have the volume you desire, but after a little while you will be a bass dynamo!! So Relax!!!


Step 2: Get a great microphone!! I swear by the Rode NT3 Microphone! It wil change your bass singing life! I am not endorsed by Rode but if anyone from that company wants to send me a couple of NT3 Microphones I would not complain…. waiting… waiting…. no takers? Oh well. Hey still go out and get that microphone. IT ROCKS!!!

That’s all for now see you all in a week!




Troy Horne A cappella BassT-Ho

Troy Horne – Bass Singer/Song Writer/ All Around People Person. :-)

T-Ho Chronicles Episode 4

Posted by TroyHorne On October - 11 - 2011

Troy Horne A cappella Bass
Yo Folks in Urbania Methodia Land! So First I have to say! Thank you all!! Thank you thank you Thank you for all of your support and love!  We really appreciate all of your positive energy out there.  This week was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (Breath)oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much Fun!!

We did a little Bel Bive Devoe a cappella style  and got mad love from you all.  And that my friends is where it is at!  (Sorry about the poor grammar but you know what I mean.)  Anyways, Poison was so much fun. We got to get back to a little Hip Hop/ R and B root music and dug up some dances that had not seen the light of day for a long time.

I have to admit that it was really touching to get so many responses about how you all thought that the judges were wrong about me being shaky in the beginning of the song. I have to admit when we started that song I was pretty nervous. I don’t know if you all are aware of this but Shaw Stockman got his start from Michael Bivens of BBD(Bel Biv Devoe).  So to get on to the stage and call his mentors art a guilty pleasure was uhhhhhh a little scary. So I was a bit nervous. But then after we started and all of the Urban Method crew was doing their thing it was like ahhhh F*$& it let’s just have fun, and have fun we did!

They caught me off guard with the family question so sorry about the boo hoo moment on NATIONAL TV!! UGH! Will never live that down. However, Elizabeth and the boys loved seeing themselves and television so that was really fun!

It was really hard to see North Shore go. Man those guys are PRO’S!! You owe it to your self to check them out. Back stage those guys were like butter. I mean every time they opened there mouths they were in tune and together. Unbelievable! The Deltones were awesome too. It was an incredible night! What a gift to be a part of this show. So here is what I have to say to our friends out there. A cappella is going gang busters like never before and it is all because of you gals and guys!  I need for you to show the producers and america that a cappella is here to stay by liking the facebook page of your favorite a cappella group.

Hopefully we fall under that category. :-) Visit Urban Method on facebook and pass it on to your friends. America is watching!

Thanks all,

Troy Horne 

Sing Off Show 1 The T-Ho Chronicles Episode 3

Posted by TroyHorne On October - 4 - 2011

Hello UM’s,

So Episode 3 was nothing but HEAT!  We did our little rendition of The Black Eyed Peas “Just Can’t Get Enough”

We were all freaking out and wondering who was going home. The show was jam packed with sick performances. I don’t know if you had a chance to watch the show but before the elimination part we sat on stage for an hour waiting for the judges to come back with a decision. It was that tough!  THAT WAS CRAZY! A cappella is here to stay y’all.

Liz was so awesome! Man that girl can SANG! Oh and then Myke Charles busted out the Myke Charles Rap heat. Man you gotta check it out if you have not seen it. Oh and then we had this sixties part of the show and we all did songs from the sixties. Ours was the classic Dance to the Music by Sly and the Family Stone.


What a show! Visit us over at and click on The Sing Off – Episode 3

You won’t be disappointed!



Troy Tip Of The Day:

Plant your corn Early! – Moses Horne

Five Finger Toe Shoes Rock!!!

Posted by TroyHorne On September - 30 - 2011

O.k. so I was in Eugene, Oregon with Peter Hollens from the second season of the sing off.  You might remember him from the awesome group ON THE ROCKS! Video below.


Anyhoo. We just bought some SICK!! shoes and let me tell you they are AMAZING!  Ozzie told me about them and he wears them everyday, but I was not convinced unti I put them on.  The interesting thing is that everyone is hating on our shoes.  The shoes we love! So, I gotta ask…

What do you think?  Have you ever tried any of these awesome shoes. Do you know anyone who has?  Here is our little video about them.


Would love your thoughts on them.  Oh and check out Peter’s music. Pretty Awesome stuff.

For more information on Peter visit

See you soon,

Troy Horne

Fro-Hawk Tip Number 2

Posted by TroyHorne On September - 24 - 2011

Hello A cappella Folks,

Welcome to Fro-Hawk Tips entry Number 2.

So many a cappella artists consume themselves with the “are we ending sharp or flat” or “are you singing bowapadeedooway or bowopodaaadoway. Because it sounded like you were singing bowopodaaadoway instead of bowapadeedooway’s.” Sound familiar to any of you fellow aca heads? Well let me share a little tip with all of you out there in a cappella world land.

You like that “A Cappella World Land”? I coined it right here. T-Ho’s Fro-Hawk tips new phrase “A Cappella World Land” Anywhoo. Let me let you in on a little secret. The audience, those wonderful people that paid to see you sing and perform, those awesome folks that make it possible for you to make a living as an artist, don’t know, and honestly don’t really care if you are singing different bowadoo-whatever’s 98% of the time. But they do know if you are not singing with emotion. They do know if you are not connected to the song that you are singing and most of the time, their perception on wether you are doing well or sucking is based on that emotion that is pouring out of your voice box. True story! :-)

acapela Emotion

T-Ho's Fro-Hawk Tips

I am a singer too (at least I like to think that I am), and I have had the age-old singer conversations that go something like this. “She isn’t really all that good. I mean all of her songs are mediocre at best.” or “I can’t stand to listen to him because he is almost always out of tune.” Well, my friends, the one thing that those chart-topping out-of-tune folks have over many of us in tune folks is an emotional connection to their music that transcends all of the rest of that stuff, an emotional connection to the music, to their message, and to their art. (And a multi-million dollar contract, but that is besides the point.) They don’t argue about da tica da tica’s or aahh versus UH. They focus on the feeling. The way the music makes them and their audience feel.

The point is learn how to emotionally connect to your music first and the rest will follow. Emotional connection is priceless.  Besides you spent hours of college rehearsal time and thousands of your folks’ dollars to learn the other stuff. So while your out there in wait for it… wait for it… A CAPPELLA WORLD LAND practicing for your next concert, don’t forget to put down the music for a minute so that you can focus on the EMOTION!



Troy Horne of Urban Method




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Sing-Off 3 Urban Performance of Love The Way You Lie – T-Ho

Posted by TroyHorne On September - 20 - 2011

Troy Horne of Urban Method

Episode 1 Season 3

Wow! I think that the first time that set foot on the Sing Off Stage we knew that we were in a special place. What a blessing it is to be able to share your music with the world! A cappella is bringing the beats tonight. I can’t tell you how nervous we were and how fast it all seemed to go. It was kind of like everything was moving in slow motion. After hearing all of those amazing groups perform we knew that this was going to be an amazing show! I hope that you all enjoyed it as much as we did. For those of you who didn’t notice Richard added a scratch sound to his vocal percussion right over all of the f-bombs so that it would sound like a radio edit.

Let me say this again! RICHARD ADDED A SCRATCH SOUND TO HIS VOCAL PERCUSSION WHILE KEEPING THE BEAT TO COVER ALL OF THE F-BOMBS TO MAKE IT SOUND LIKE A RADIO EDIT!! DO… sorry for shouting… Do you know how amazingly f($*ing difficult that is. In case you missed it. Take a look and a listen. See you soon!

Troy Horne

Sing Off Show 1 The T-Ho Chronicles Episode 1

Posted by TroyHorne On September - 20 - 2011

Hello UM’s,

So show one was uhhhhh RIDICULOUS!! No REEEDICULOUS!! We opened the show with the Pink’s F@#$ing Perfect. (Not a fan of Pink but whatever. Big Ups Alicia keep doing your thing! :-)) So we open the show with this a cappella number and I was standing in the back row during the whole song. NICE!!! Myke Charles rocked it and the term RAPAPPELLA was born. Pretty eventful day! Oh and we performed Eminem’s “Love the way you lie” on national T.V.

I think we killed it. I hope folks liked it. Oh and a little a cappella back story… that song got cleared one day before we had to perform it. So we were rehearsing a totally different song all the way up until a day before the show.

Yes that is correct we had ONE DAY to put that number together parts, choreo and all. ONE DAY!! But we made it happen and the judges loved us. I think Shawn is diggin our action! Let’s hope we can keep it going.

Troy Horne tip of the day: If you don’t bring it it won’t be broughtin!!



Fro-Hawk Tips

Posted by steighne On August - 9 - 2011

Hi guys, this is Troy from Urban Method. If you, too, have a fro-hawk and wake up every morning thinking, “Hmm, I wish I could do more,” then read on. There are many ways to make your fro-hawk (yes, fro-hawk…not faux- or mo-) spectacular. Of course, it’s critical to keep your Do trimmed and tight, but try twisting a few hairs together along the fro-hawk to give yourself a more dramatic look. Please enjoy this fro-hawk tip liberally.