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Reaction to Episode 4

Posted by steighne On October - 11 - 2011

Urban Method reacts to the 4th episode of the SingOff in the video but here’s a quick recap. This was the 2nd bracket singing their 60s songs and their radio top 40s. With the Deltones, Sonos, Pentatonix, Dartmouth Aires, North Shore, and The Collective all performing, it made for a great night of music.

This week judges called the number of Sonos, the well-accomplished and well-revered group of innovative song makers. Their style has truly inspired the a cappella world and their departure from the show is both a surprise and to many a disappointment. Their performances on the show seemed to have made noted improvements over their first showing and they revealed their hit remake of The Jackson 5′s “I Want You Back” to which the judges responded quite negatively.

Their version of the song has been the catalyst for many new things in a cappella over the last few years since it’s release. Their new album is anticipated and their ability to use effects and pedals will be a welcome return to their style for both the audience and most likely the group itself.

Next week will be the convergence of all 10 remaining groups as we look forward to a week of Guilty Pleasure songs! Stay tuned for what Urban Method has in store!

T-Ho Chronicles Sooo I’m Minding My Own Business When…

Posted by TroyHorne On October - 6 - 2011

Troy Horne of Urban Method

So I’m sitting here minding my own Facebook business.  Doing the usual watching of insanely  funny facebook videos when I see THIS…  http://www.rollingstone.com/movies/news/the-sing-off-recap-competitors-cram-for-history-test-20111004

Yes that is a link to ROLINGSTONE MAGAZINE!! With a feature of URBAN METHOD at the bottom. ANNNND I’m done!






Reaction to Episode 3 from Urban Method

Posted by steighne On October - 4 - 2011

Denver a cappella group Urban Method performs “Dance to the Music” and “Just Can’t Get Enough” on the 3rd season of NBC’s The Sing-Off. This is the 3rd episode of the season where the 1st bracket performs for the second time. Groups are asked to perform a 60s hit and a song from the top 40.

Sing Off Show 1 The T-Ho Chronicles Episode 3

Posted by TroyHorne On October - 4 - 2011

Hello UM’s,

So Episode 3 was nothing but HEAT!  We did our little rendition of The Black Eyed Peas “Just Can’t Get Enough”

We were all freaking out and wondering who was going home. The show was jam packed with sick performances. I don’t know if you had a chance to watch the show but before the elimination part we sat on stage for an hour waiting for the judges to come back with a decision. It was that tough!  THAT WAS CRAZY! A cappella is here to stay y’all.

Liz was so awesome! Man that girl can SANG! Oh and then Myke Charles busted out the Myke Charles Rap heat. Man you gotta check it out if you have not seen it. Oh and then we had this sixties part of the show and we all did songs from the sixties. Ours was the classic Dance to the Music by Sly and the Family Stone.


What a show! Visit us over at NBC.com and click on The Sing Off – Episode 3

You won’t be disappointed!



Troy Tip Of The Day:

Plant your corn Early! – Moses Horne

Mixing Vocal Percussion (VP)/Beatbox for Live Sound

Posted by steighne On September - 27 - 2011

Tony Huerta of Urban MethodIn mixing a cappella, there are several ideas and sound techniques that stray from what most engineers learn and practice in the industry.  I thought I’d start a blog that addresses these differences to help groups get a more full and clear sound.

Lets start with the ever important and most widely misunderstood vocal percussionist (VP) or beatboxer.

I start by using a “Y” split cable to bring his/her channel into two channels on the mixer. You can also use Whirlwind three-way splitter or internal buss on a digital mixer. This opens up the opportunity to EQ and place effects on the upper drum parts without affecting the kick channel and vice versa. The three channels are as follows: one being the kick (KK), the second being the snare and over-head channel (SNOH), and the third as a vocal channel in case they sing on the same microphone. That gives you the ability to effect and EQ each channel differently for swift mid-song changes to that vocalist by muting the vocal channel and opening up the Kick (KK) and Snare/Over-head (SNOH), of vise versa.  Just mute and open the channels as needed.  Never have all three open at once, that defeats the purpose.

Second, I EQ the KK channel to sound like a kick drum.  Have the artist do a kick sound and adjust only the KK channel to have a good amount of 60 Hz, almost no mids, and a peak at 5 KHz.  I also put the subwoofer send on an auxiliary out and route the kick channel to it.

Sennheiser EW100 Hand Held MicrophoneThen mute the KK channel and open up the SNOH channel alone with the artist doing snare and hat sounds.  EQ it to handle all of the low-high mids  and highs.  I usually put a HP filter up to 150 Hz, bring up 250 Hz, put a peak at 3.0 KHz, and a shelf EQ at 11KHz and above.


Then bring the two channels together by bringing them both up.  Have the artist do their “full kit” and blend the two channels until it sounds good.  The best part is that you could put a little reverb only on the SNOH channel to give it some room.  During the show, the engineer can use either channel more or less to create atmosphere in the mix, ie. Dance tunes get more KK, slow songs, more SNOH.

For microphones, I prefer dynamic microphones that can handle high sound pressure levels (SPL’s) I use the Shure Beta 58 on on most beatbox, since it can be wireless. The Sennheiser EW100 with the 965 hyper-cardiod capsule is also a good choice. Small EQ differences can be heard by sending the signal through the airwaves so I prefer the wired models if I can get away with it.  Also, if you want a huge kick sound, use the Audix D6!!

Remember, you can always email your sound questions to tony@sonicaudiopro.com

Reaction Ep. 3 Sing Off

Posted by steighne On September - 27 - 2011

Urban Method reacts to the 2nd Episode of the Sing Off on NBC in which Messiah’s Men and Soul’d Out are eliminated. The episode also featured the Dartmouth Aires, Pentatonix, Sonos, The Collective, Deltones, and North Shore. Incredible show and great stuff!


And so it begins…

Posted by OzziTroiano On September - 20 - 2011

Hi everyone,

Ozzi Troiano of Urban MethodThis is Ozzi Troiano. I am the tenor of Urban Method. Hopefully this is the first of many blogs. Cameras are in our face 24/7 and keeping in touch would really help us stay sane. So keep reading and commenting.

This first week was crazy. I didn’t really have any expectations, but was glad to jump into the deep end as they like say. As soon as we got to the hotel they put us to work. We had to rework our first tune so that choreography could start planning our dance moves.

The week, over all, was pretty stressful…especially when we started learning the opening number. No one in our group had ever really “danced”. It was great to meet and start working will all of the other groups too. There is such an amazing camaraderie among all of the groups, I think because we all love music so much. It’s also because all the groups are getting worked to bone, and we can commiserate. After all of the late night rehersals, I hope the work pays off.

Enough about business…I’m a health nut so I’ll be writing about how we are staying healthy.

S.O.3 health tip #1: Airports/airplanes are breeding grounds for germs. Don’t forget to take your Vitamin C the morning of a flight.

Sing Off Show 1 The T-Ho Chronicles Episode 1

Posted by TroyHorne On September - 20 - 2011

Hello UM’s,

So show one was uhhhhh RIDICULOUS!! No REEEDICULOUS!! We opened the show with the Pink’s F@#$ing Perfect. (Not a fan of Pink but whatever. Big Ups Alicia keep doing your thing! :-)) So we open the show with this a cappella number and I was standing in the back row during the whole song. NICE!!! Myke Charles rocked it and the term RAPAPPELLA was born. Pretty eventful day! Oh and we performed Eminem’s “Love the way you lie” on national T.V.

I think we killed it. I hope folks liked it. Oh and a little a cappella back story… that song got cleared one day before we had to perform it. So we were rehearsing a totally different song all the way up until a day before the show.

Yes that is correct we had ONE DAY to put that number together parts, choreo and all. ONE DAY!! But we made it happen and the judges loved us. I think Shawn is diggin our action! Let’s hope we can keep it going.

Troy Horne tip of the day: If you don’t bring it it won’t be broughtin!!




Season 3 Sing-Off Preview

Posted by steighne On September - 19 - 2011

Friends and family, we want to make sure you know to tune in Mondays this fall as Urban Method tries to compete for the huge Season 3 Sing-Off prize of $200,000 AND a Sony recording contract. So much to see as we pour our music into the cameras. Check it out.

Urban Method on The SingOff!

Posted by steighne On August - 17 - 2011

The NBC SingOff Season 3 Contestant Urban Method

Great news Urban Method fans–we are going to be competing on NBC’s The SingOff in the fall of 2011. There is so much buzz already and it was just released yesterday! The news source that broke the story was Entertainment Weekly and we are so excited to be on this season. There are a ton of groups and it’s going to a weekly show in prime-time. It’s a perfect season to be on.

The article from Entertainment Weekly released on August 16th the following:

NBC’s hit a cappella talent-show series The Sing-Off has announced the 16 groups that will compete in its third season. Hosted by Nick Lachey, the series will premiere on Sept. 19 with returning judges Ben Folds and Shawn Stockman alongside singer Sara Bareilles, replacing Nicole Scherzinger (who’s now a judge on Fox’s The X Factor). The contenders are:

Afro-Blue A nine-person ensemble from Howard University
The Cat’s Pajamas An energetic all-male group based in Branson, Mo.
The Collective Nashville troupe formed by season-two contestant Jeremy Lister (Street Corner Symphony)
Dartmouth Aires 15 quirky guys from the New Hampshire Ivy League school
Delilah An L.A.-based all-female group including members from the first two Sing-Off seasons
The Deltones Co-ed ensemble from The University of Delaware
Fannin Family An octet of relatives from the Midwest
Kinfolk 9 A professional group out of L.A. with members who all have the ability to share lead vocals
Messiah’s Men Liberian refugees on a mission to serve God through music
North Shore A Boston-based streetcorner ensemble tackling music from the ’40 to today
Pentatonix Five-member group from Arlington, Tex., with eclectic musical tastes
Sonos Well-known professional a cappella group who have collaborated in the past with Bareilles
Soul’d Out Co-ed high school club from Wilsonville, Ore.
Urban Method Newly-formed act from Denver including a rapper
Vocal Point All-male ensemble from Brigham Young University
The YellowJackets Contemporary crew from the University of Rochester known for wearing yellow blazers

The winning act will score $200,000 and a recording contract with Sony Music.

Source is from the Article ’The Sing-Off’ announces season 3 contestants” by  on ew.com on August 16th, 2011 at 9am. Photo by: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC